30 December, 2014

One hat ,three outfits with Catherine Luise

       Hat Accessorize   //   Scarf- vintage  //   Coat Zara   //   Jeans  Asos    //   Shoes  publicdesire

Let me introduce my beloved 'Cloche hat' which I got for my 15th birthday . I know hats aren't an optimal normal present but I wanted this hat for a pretty long time and everytime when I'm wearing this hat I feel like a lady living in Paris in year 1930 . Old Parisian lover .haha

  Hat Accessorize  //  Pullover Grand de Malice  //  Pants Vintage   //   Belt  similar  //    Shoes  similar

Me and the beautiful Catherine Luise had the Idea to show y'all our versions of 'How to style a hat '
Three different outfits with just one hat .

My first outfit is  good  for winter and really a warmkeeping outfit , you can wear  it everywhere ,on shopping trips or  for hang outs with friends , my coat is from Zara and I think the coat and the Cloche fit perfectly together.

My second outfit is more something like for family parties I think I would definitely wear something like that to visit my Grandma haha . The pants I'm wearing are vintage so poorly I cant's say where I got them but I love how checkered they are and the material is really soft and comfortable.

My last and favorite outfit is kinda of elegance mixed with rock 'n' roll haha . My leather jacket and pullover are both from Zara and I think the Cloche and the leather jacket are life combined together .
The christmas trees beside me even fit my outfit haha.

     Hat Accessorize //  Leather jacket Zara  //   Pullover Zara    //  Jeans  Asos   //  Shoes   publicdesire

Checkout She also made a 'one hat ,three outfits ' post on her blog and you won't regret it her blog is amazing and really inspiring .
click here
check her instagram here

Hope you all liked it and a big thank you to Catherine ♥

Photo by Ida Schwarz


28 December, 2014

Les alpes diary

Photografic diary of my ski trip in Austria and Bavaria :)

26 December, 2014

Dear Santa

                BDG Urban Outfitters Mom jeans  //   Asos sweater  //   Asos shoes   //   Beanie   

'I'm too old for this Santa ' that is not true Haha But this Sweater is literally perfect oh man . It's Winterwonderland here in Bavaria and I'm excited to ski even when I have to drive to Austria to ski because there's not enough snow beside the hotel . The alps look incredible with the snow, it looks dangerous but still breathtaking I'm glad that I could my holidays here and celebrate Christmas with my family . The village is the highest village in Germany it's about 1200 m above sea level and it's so cute the village is really tiny the population is ca. 380 ppl but here are a lot of ski shops and a little bakery so I'm a happy lil muck . Oh and Yes ,yes I was freezing while taking the pictures ,but here is so much snow never thought so much snow will fall . My shoes are pretty similar to the other ones I own ,but at the moment I fell in love with these types of shoes and I love the fake fur on this shoe :)

 I hope everyone has amazing holidays and merry christmas


22 December, 2014

Inspiartion of the week

Inspired by black and white   and Miss Audrey Hepburn
50's lover !!

I'm sorry I dont't have the credits of the pictures I got them all from Tumblr and Pinterest

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