08 June, 2014

Classtrip 14'

                            Hat: HM / Pullover: Primark / Boyfriend Jeans : Pimkie / Sunglasses:HM
                              Shoes: Birkenstock Rio Asos / Watch: Baby G /  Bracelet :Bijou Brigitte

                    I went to a 3 day classtrip with my class and I had really no Idea what I could wear.
             Our hostel was 300 miles away from our home so we drove about 3-4 hours with the bus and
                           I know my outfit doesn't looks really comfortable for a long bus trip but
                   I actually didn't cared about this . I think it looked a little bit overdressed in that location
                             because it was more nature and stuff but I loved it and that's what counts.

                          I really like the leader details with these little mosaic holes on the pullover .
                             But the best invest on the outfit are the shoes I actually searched other
                         black sandals but when I found them on asos I really screamed . These are the
                                                         Birkenstock Rio Sandals



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