02 June, 2014

Green nature ♥

                                                                 Photo by Ida Schwarz
                        Blazer: H&M / Blouse : United Colors of Benetton / Pants : Naturaselection
                                                                    Shoes : Unisa 

My friend organized last day a really great party and the dresscode for the party was actually a simple dress or cocktail dress, it had to be chic anyway. So I love dresses so much but this time I wanted to put this baggy pants on . I know it's not very suitable to the dresscode but I still tried to make it a little chic with this black blazer and the dark green blouse. The pants are from natura selection and I bought it in Spain when I was there on vacation 2 years ago. Natura is a spanish store and it sells natural things and natural beautiful clothing :) . I see that the pants looks very Brown in the Pictures but it's actually dark green to khaki .

I really had no idea what to do with my hair so I decided to braid it overnight. And then these little beautiful waves came along . I felt really good with this hairstyle .
                                                                            Milana <3


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