24 June, 2014

Vintage Denim

                                     Pants American Eagle Jeans Jacket   /    Silver Sandals / Birks    /
                                                  Jerseyshirt     /     Celine Bag   /     Sunglasses
IT'S SUMMER oh my goodness It's finally summer . You don't know how long I waited for this moment .
 it's officially summer  since 21st June 2014 and of course whats a nice summer without your favorite fruits and a round Sunglasses ???. This super fancy Vintage 90's Denim Jacket fits so well and the coolest thing on this Jacket is that It's truly from the 90's .It is basically older than me haha , but I fell crazy inlove with it . When I was younger my dad always wore these bathing slipper from Adidas and mine are remembering me so much to these times haha It's awesome how they came back .

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