04 July, 2014

My Austin Mahone Meet&Greet experience 2014


So first of all I have to say that austin mahone is a really lovely and kind person he was very nice to me and I had so much fun watching him. I went with some girls I knew from the Austin Mahone street team Germany and They also were really nice :) so then I think we were about 200 people who went to the concert hall . Austin came out sang 2 acoustic songs with his guitar and answered a few questions from the fans . The question were all pretty funny . After the soundcheck we went to the meet and greet and I was so excited basically all the time . 
My conversation with Austin : "you're amazing" 
"Thank you sweetie"
"Thank you for everything I love u "
" I really appreciate this I love u too " 
Then we took the picture .
A women gave me an original signed poster and I went to my place in the hall . I was first row so it was  awesome and I had the perfect view of Austin and the dancers . The show was incredibly perfect and during the concert Austin looked Four Times at me and i just couldn't stop smiling.
It was a Perfect Day 
Thank you Austin for this Amazing experience 

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