14 August, 2014



                             Hat : HM  /  Blouse : Promod  /  Shorts : Forever 21   /  Sunglasses: Asos
                                                       Purse  :  HM    /    Shoes :  Birkenstock
                                                                 Pictures: Ida Schwarz

I really critizise  these boho fashion styles and I also think it’s pretty hard to wear something like that but it looks freaking amazing .  I have to say that . This year’s Coachella Festival inspired me so good that I also wanted to try wearing boho . My plans are already done for Coachella 2020 because I truly cant wait to go there and feel a Fashion explosion of different people ,different styles and different music . It’s a dream going to Coachella and I hope someday it becomes real .My absolutely Coachella Crush was and still is Vanessa Hudgens I mean if u saw her outfits on the festival. It was crazy and she's really  the Queen of Coachella. Just wearing Huge hats and light beige colours , big sunglasses and leather sandals with Music form  the best artists in the world . My outfit isn’t so much in this hippie thing but I like It and it gives me more excitement of the Coachella festival .I’m hopefully visit someday . You all should go and visit because you will sink in adorable boho clothing.

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