22 August, 2014

Sporty style

                                   Jersey Shirt : Zara    /   Jeans : Asos    /  Backpack :  Mango
                                                                 Shoes :  Dr. Martens

 Hi everyone,
First of all I wanna give my Mum a big shoutout because she made these beautiful pictures of me so Thanks Mum:) . I went shopping (again haha ) but this time not with my friend I went with my Mum Yeyy and as you can see I have nothing better to do in my summer holidays . I actually didn't planned to take pictures but I'm spontaneous  and I pretty much like being that . I try to post more on the blog because I'm going on vacation in a few days and I planned to show you some of my new clothing that I got the last days . I'm going to a little island called Corfu it's in greece and I'm so freakin excited .I love travelling more than anything else  I mean It's a passion . oh oh.

And by the way Ariana Grande's new Album is out today so get it :) It's really good !!

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