19 August, 2014

Unconditional Streets

                             Cropped flannel shirt : Vero moda (similar)  /    Black Pants : Pieces /
                                        Hat : HM      /      Shoes :  Buffalo     / Bag : Celine

Summer Holidays are right now in Germany, so I have lots of time doing special things like driving around with trains to my favorite cities .  Me and my friend decided to go to Frankfurt  and chillin under skyscrapers and doing some shopping (and btw I got some amazing stuff there ). Frankfurt reminds kinda to New York but a lot of smaller but it’s like the same thing , Huge Skyscrapers and Business people . I've never been to New York but when I see pictures  it reminds me always to this City . Someday I’m also going to be in New York so yaa Haha:) . At the moment I’m listening a lot of Lana del Rey  her Music makes me feel so laid back and loose that I really can’t stop listening to it .Her new Album is crazy and I could lay back and hear it for the rest of the day .

I know it was  kinda a theme change but Lana is Amazing . Ok back to the outfit :) . I got crazy with Black hats and Chelsea boots like I’ve never been to but sometimes I have these times where I have a super obsession with something whether it’s Flower print or Plaid it makes me crazy but I love it so much that I buy anything I see . Oh fashion haha

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