27 September, 2014

Autumn Boyfriends

                                                            Photo : Ida Schwarz

                  Turtleneck    /      Vest    /      Boyfriend jeans     /     Shoes      /         Belt

My favorite season finally arrived and I'm happy and busy at the same moment . Lot's of tests and exams will overflow me in october and I'm so not ready for this but whatever everyone has to do it right??. All fashion weeks are over now and I loved it too much to even love it . I saw this years FALL/WINTER 2014 collection will be more outre or also flamboyant . And hey aren't Turtle necks the best invention ever , I mean it keeps you warm and It looks extremely good . I wanted to feel cofortable and good looking at the same time and the turtle neck combinated with the vest makes it just really under my comfort zone because I felt very comfy in this outfit .

This is not my first time wearing these Boyfriend's and I thought why not making this cozy outfit edgy and less boring, so I tried this pair of jeans with the turtle neck and the vest and boom the full thing wanted to be worn. No seriously I tried this on and told myself YES THIS WILL ME ON MY BLOG SOOOOOON . So here we go.

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