09 September, 2014


               Cardigan: Orsay (similar)    /   Crop Top:American Apperal    /  Pants:Forever 21
                                                         Shoes : Michael Kors (similar)

It's crazy how fast the time flies I remember my last birthday where I was in a restaurant with all my friends .it doesn't even feel like a whole year is over . It's also my first birthday in summer holidays and I'm not even at home like I always celebrate my birthday . But it's a really nice experience and I'm really thankful for this amazing day with my family . I know I wore this baggy pants already in one of my blogposts but as I said these pants are too beautiful to don't wear them again and I also wear my clothing more than once . This time I combine this pants with a crop top with jungle print from American apperal and my Michael Kors jelly sandals . I actually don't wanted to wear a jacket but I kinda freezed so I just took this grey cardigan on . This place where I took the pictures was at the airport and there a lots of cafés and a little church where you can buy tons of souvenirs or little gifts for your friends . We went to a restaurant with the best view ever it was directly on the airport and the planes just arrived and they flew really close next to you it was such an incredible view . I'll never forget this place .

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