19 September, 2014


I am very thankful to KARRE fur for letting me show their new collection and pick 3 of my favorite furs . They all were really beautiful and it was pretty hard to pick three of them . I actually didn't planned going to this fur store but my mum and my aunt wanted to get something . I just ask them if they can show me something from the new collection for my blog and they said:'' yes you can why not '' . These three were absolutely my favorites . The staffs all spoke Russian so it wasn't a problem to communicate . 

The first one was a light brown fur which color I really liked and also I really liked  was this bat effect . You don't felt like batman but it was nevertheless a really beautiful jacket 

The second one was a dark brown fur with a huge hood and the color on the hood was lighter than the fur . I really can good imagine walking with this beautiful thing through the snow and having a fashiontastik winter haha 

The last one was a full grey fur what truly was my favorite fur ever because I really like wearing these layout street style looks and it reminds me kinda of that . It also reminds me of a little mouse haha because mice also have this color .

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