16 September, 2014

Lingerie dress

                         Dress: HM ( similar)    /   Sunglasses:   Miu Miu  /   Shoes : Pieces
                                                                Earrings :Accessorize

I promise this post will be definitly the last one from my trip to corfu .
It's getting pretty cold outside and I think it's time for my favorite season to come  !! FALL :)))))))Yas
There's a little I love more than Lingerie dresses or even summer clothing but this little thing made my gratitude to h&m even bigger . I was never that girl who wears a tight dress but I can't handle this one and I think it can't be better.

I know some people express that they find Lingerie dresses distasteful when in public,but I personally love them
Would you wear a Lingerie dress?

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