05 October, 2014

Sunny october

                                                             photo : Ida Schwarz

       Rayban Sunglasses    /    Forever 21 pants   /    H&M Blouse    /     Pieces black canvas flats /
                                                           Tiffany & Co Bracelet

      How is this even possible ? It's october and the sun shines like a typical august wheater . I don't know if I should like that because I'm obsessed with Summer but my obsession with fall is thousand times bigger and it's not only because the colours It's because the whole season, it got his own way of a perfect plan . Perfections of Fashion senses amazing food ( and btw I ate today my first Pumkin soup what me and my friend cooked together and seriously I could eat this soup every weekend and it wouldn't get worse . But I recommend eating Pumkin soup on a cool fall day that makes it even better.) I have gotten a new sunglasses what I bought a few weeks ago in Greece and that are the Rayban Clubmaster and I'm totally amazed and the best thing is that they weren't even expensive under 80 euros haha (In germany you would never get these sunglasses for such a good price )

And I'm sorry if you maybe couldn't find the pants because I bought them last december in a Forever 21 store in Dubai . Hope you'll find an alternative

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