12 October, 2014

Trenchcoat and business

                                                            Photo : Ida Schwarz

                  Beige Trenchcoat     /      Blue blouse     /    Pieces -black pants    /   Cut out Boots
                                                                         celine bag

Oh well , today was kinda of a really really weird day cause I went with my friend to frankfurt to shoot my beautiful business style kinda outfit what I personally so much like . But I never felt so hard going shopping and finding summer clothing in fall time . I'm not joking this isn't easy we were looking for any kind of sandals but we couldn't find a pair only boots and boots and boots haha but thanks god we found some normal flip flops 

I'm wearing a trench coat which I bought a few years ago and I never really wore it because I didn't like it but now I'm in love with it . I still don't know why I bought this coat even when I didn't liked it but I'm happy with it now and that's what matters . I also found this blouse in my wardrobe which I always wore when I went to church this flower power embroidery is so beautiful and different from the other blouses I wore . Making an outfit catchier and unique isn't that hard I guess but you have to combine it right I thought I could take on these cut out boots from hm which are really the most uncomfortable shoes I've ever had but what do We do for fashion haha It never gets boring 

Ps . The next Blogposts in October will be back on summer clothing :) but in November winter starts. Hell yea


  1. Ich mag deine Bilder total gerne, und das Outfit natürlich auch! Ein Trench fehlt in meiner Garderobe immernoch völlig, aber ich habe einfach noch nicht den richtigen finden können. Schöner Blog!
    Liebst <3

  2. Great cosy look!