01 November, 2014

Bazaar de Recife

Photo by Ida Schwarz
Shorts : Bershka / Hat: H&M / Blouse: Primark / Shoes:Pieces  / Belt :Diesel

What is better than exploring a city just with your legs and have some badass experience . Walking around looking at amazing architecture and learning about the history . The place where I shot these beautiful pictures was at the bazaar or flea market in Recife you can get there whatever you want even the bananas are the best kind of food I ate there . It was kinda of a big mess but I don't know ,I really liked it being there and see how people work and live . I got some cool souvenirs for my friends,family and myself but the only thing I still need is a towel with a Brazilian flag but I couldn't find one :( Being in Brazil makes me feel so amazed and unbelievably happy that I could go out and scream to every human how happy I am that I'm in Brazil haha .

I'm wearing a flower print blouse which I really like and plain light blue shorts .Of course my favorite accessor my hm hat which I kinda wear in every blogpost :) but big hats are cool ,aren't they

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  1. Lovely pictures, and great hat!