17 November, 2014

Fall into Winter

    Cardigan : Primark  /   White Crop top : Topshop   /  Mom Jeans : BDG Urban Outfitters
                                           Shoes : Public Desire      /    Bag : Celine

Winter is coming closer and closer and I'm too excited walking through snow and hang out with my family next to a huge christmas tree . School started just 2 weeks ago and christmas and new year's eve is in a couple weeks, so that means HOLIDAYS :)) Yes--.The temperature fell from about 16 degrees to 8 degrees and I had to pick my winter jacket out of my closet even I don't want to wear it because I don't feel the winter or even the beginning of winter .
Couple weeks ago I was scrolling through my instagram feed and someone liked a picture from a british shoe label called Public Desire , I clicked on their profile and looked down all of the photos they had . And Oh my Goodness these shoes were all perfect . I'm wearing boots called fritha and holly malolly they fit so well . If you like grungy booties or heels or whatever shoe you want I think you definetly will find something , best invetion I have ever done . I really recomment this label and you should go and check them out .
(link is down below) .
Matching Mom jeans with those shoes makes me giving a high five to myself :DD

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