23 November, 2014


                                                           Photo by Ida Schwarz

                                             Parka   //    Jeans    //   Vintage   //   Shoes

So as you can see we ( my friend and me ) tried to take pictures by night and yep we totally failed haha. It was so hard to take normal pictures without blurr or unnececery things . But I hope the most of them look ok :)
And wow I'm wearing heels pretty fall colored heels which I'm totally obesessed with and some ripped black jeans .Poorly I can't tell where these jeans are from because I ripped and cutted them on my own but I hope I'll find something similar . I think everyone has one or two pair of jeans you hate , right??
I found 2 last night and decided to ripp them because why not ,they're trendy af . And VoilĂ  new pair of jeans in my closet. After 2 hours of ripping jeans my thumb hurted like hell but the work was worth it .
And it was fun too cuz I heard my favorite album FOUR by One Direction <<<and btw It's Perfect you can dance and sing along so thumbs up for 1D and their new Album .

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