01 December, 2014


                                                           Photo by Ida Schwarz

                      Coat : Similar   /    Dress : Natura Selection   /  Cardigan : Primark
                                        Shoes :Public Desire    /     Eos Lipbalm :  here

Happy first december everyone , Wow I can't believe 2014 is over in exactly a month, so do the best out of it and end 2014 to a succesful year ,I would say . While winter came over to europe my lips got really dry and rough and it doesn't feel so good . But since a year or  1 1/2 years I'm using the EOS lipbalm, little eggs which look super funny and it's always so much fun applying them to my lips .These cute little balls are saving my life for so long and I'm pretty happy about that . Since I'm using EOS Lipbalms my lips are the smoothest lips I've ever had haha . There are so many different flavors and I'm sure you'll find your favorite because I found tons of flavors I'm obsessed with .
Here are some recommented flavors : Blueberry Acai , Honeysuckle Honeydew ,Pomegranate Raspberry and Summer fruit .
I've heard a lot about ´oversized` clothing like T-shirts,Jackets and Coats and yes I tried to wear an oversized coat which is one of my absolute faves this season . This one is pretty long so it was perfectly with a beautiful flowerprint dress and of course booties .
And at the end a yummy Starbuck drink on the go

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