13 December, 2014

Ugly christmas sweater days

             Fake fur west    /     Christmas Sweater   /   Black Jeans   /   Crossbody zipperbag

It's almost time packing your ugly christmas sweater out of your clostet . Christmas is in a few days and I am literally too excited . Me and my family are going to Bavaria over the christmas days skiing and snowboarding . It will be the first time ever that I'm skiing and I'm sure I will fall down haha but parctise right ??
As you see I'm wearing my really beautiful (sarcastic) christmas sweater haha which I bought last season in Primark for a really good price . The sweater is keeping me really warm and I feel comfy as hell btw. the snowman on it is my bff so :)) He reminds me kinda of Olaf from Frozen .
Nowadays It's pretty hard to take pictures in christmas markets or other street events like that , too many people and it was crazy how many came to celebrate christmas and drinking some tea outside , ok it's not that cold but it's great . I've been loving old cities like forever I mean vintage stores in every corner people playing a violin or saxophone to keep the people in a better mood especially on christmas it's perfect .
Hope you all have a great day and merry early christmas :)

Photo : Ida Schwarz 


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