27 February, 2015

All black on denim

It's fashion week month and goowd damn I wanna be there :(( but in a few years when everythings going to change new styles ,new designers,new bloggers ,new models I also going to be there haha. I would say we should talk about this amazing cardigan from Hallhuber ,I'm not sure if you know that store ,but hopefully you do because it's sooo awesome ,basically I really didn't like this cardigan until I saw a picture on tumblr who someone wore the same cardigan aswell and I got so inspired by her outfit so I had to take all my inspiration together and create a beautiful post with this one . Every blogger is on fashionweek at the moment and I'm scrolling through my instagram feed like crazy ,cuz they all post so many beautiful pictures of the shows in NYC London Milan . Needed to say.
Hope you like this post xx

I was wearing

Hallhuber Cardigan

Pull and Bear Mom jeans

Crossbody bag (similar)

Asos Ren Boots

Photo by Ida Schwarz

25 February, 2015

London Fashion week faves

London Fashionweek was an absolut Highlight this year and  Burberry totally rocked the bohemian style which I got really excited about . So excited for September you don't believe !!! :)



18 February, 2015

Inspiration of the week - PASTEL LOVE

 Pastel camdy alert ... Put some cute        things together in some colorful collages
all pastel inspired :) ❤️❤️

16 February, 2015

New York Fashion-week Faves SS/15

                           Here are some of my favorite Designer Outfits
                           from this years New York fashionweek
                           Credit :

                          1) JENNY PACKHAM
                          2)CALVIN KLEIN
                          3)RALPH LAUREN

                          4)PROENZA SCHOULER
                          5)HUGO BOSS

                          7)TORY BURCH
                          8)RAG & BONE
                          9)DIANE VON FÜRSTENBERG

07 February, 2015

The pastel coat

                                                                 Photo by Ida Schwarz

      Pastel Pink Coat   //    White sweater     //   Black ripped jeans     //    Public desire Ankle Boots

 As I said Pastel is like my all black eveything ,instead of black it's pastel pink yeahhs. Do you know this one particular moment when you're shopping and you see the most beautiful piece of clothing and in your head it's like ; Yep this is going to be mine !!!! And that happend to me when I saw this amazing coat . I didn't think I just grabbed haha. The material is so soft and cozy and it just looks like cotton candy ,doesn't it ??  There are so many different types of pastel coats or jackets and every color looks gorgeous . My favorite is still mint or pastel green and I really like the contrast between the lighter part and the darker part of the outfit  it matches together, what a wonder haha ok no I'm just kidding ,but I'm quit sure this one is an amazing thing to wear.


Take me to paris

                                                               Photo by Ida Schwarz

                   Paris sweater (similar)   //  Black ripped jeans   //  Bronx cut out boots

Oh yea Paris , one of the most beautiful cities in the world ,how I would love to be there right now. The last time I've been to paris was a long time ago and the only thing I remember was seeing a portrait of a woman so powerful ,but so delimited in a museum with so much history .The louvre museum was the best museum I've ever visited in my life and I have seen quit a lot differnt museums,basically in every museum is that one thing which makes my museum trip to a wonderful and successful day. In louvre it was definitely The Mona Lisa portrait I remember being so over excited about it haha .I need to wear this sweater when I'm in paris the next time :)


black and white pastels

                                                                 Photo by Ida Schwarz

           Only Cardigan    //   Natura shirt    //  Black ripped jeans    //   Public Desire Ankle Boots
                                                         Ice Watch Love me I'm famous

As january wasn't my best month and a less inspirational start into 2015, I can  finally start the shortest month of the year FABUARAYesss haha . I'm so excited to show you all what I've planned for this month and I'm glad to have a tons of motivation at the moment . I compare february as a really colorful month and I'm not talking about the weather ,cuz the weather seriously sucks in Germany . It's the carnival month ,basically have to say that I'm not a really big fan of all this carnival stuff ,but I like seeing people getting dressed pretty funny  :)) I got inspired by Pastels , éverything pastel pink,green,blue,yellow every pastel color looks so beautiful .
I decided to make this week as my 'pastel week' with my favorite pair of jeans . These black ripped jeans are my life and I don't know how ,but you can wear these to every piece of clothing you own (except dresses haha).So Ida and me picked out some cool outfits matching pastels with balck ripped jeans this week . Hope you'll like it:)


04 February, 2015

Fashion inspiration february





                                                                      1ST OUTFIT
                                 VICTORIA BECKHAM KNIT TURTLENECK PULLOVER
                                            ROMWE BLACK PLAID WRAP MINI SKIRT
                                        CHIARA FERRAGNI FLIRTING FLATS IN GLITTER
                                                 GIVENCHY 'HDG' MINI LEATHER BAG
                                                 MAX BILL AUTOMATIC WATCH-LINE
                                                                 OVERSTOCK RING
                                      SILVERTONE BLACK CABOCHON BIB NECKLACE

                                                                     2ND OUTFIT
                                                   HIGH NECK LONG KNITWEAR
                                      SAINT LAURENT CHUNKY HEEL ANKLE BOOTS
                                 GIVENCHY BLACK LEATHER ANTIGONA DUFFLE BAG
                                              ASOS FAUX PEARL XL SWING EARRINGS
                                                ASOS OPEN FAUX PEARL RING PACK
                                                                   APPLE IPHONE 6
                                      OLIVER PEOPLE WOMENS SHAELIE SUNGLASSES

                                                                     3RD OUTFIT
                                           GREEN CONTRAST CABLE KNIT SWEATER
                                       LE SKINNY DE JEANNE MID RISE RIPPED JEANS
                                             BALENCIAGA CEINTURE ANKLE BOOTS
                                    BALENCIAGA ZIP AROUND LEATHER SHOULDER BAG
                                                                    AMAZON HAT

                                                                     4TH OUTFIT 
                               CHOIES VINE RED LAPEL PONCHO CAPE WOOLEN COAT
                                   TED BAKER FAUX FUR TRIMMED GLOVES RIBBED
                                                       RIBBED CASHMERE SCARF
                                             NET A PORTER ILLESTEVA SUNGLASSES
                                                           AUDACIOUS LIPSTICK