07 February, 2015

black and white pastels

                                                                 Photo by Ida Schwarz

           Only Cardigan    //   Natura shirt    //  Black ripped jeans    //   Public Desire Ankle Boots
                                                         Ice Watch Love me I'm famous

As january wasn't my best month and a less inspirational start into 2015, I can  finally start the shortest month of the year FABUARAYesss haha . I'm so excited to show you all what I've planned for this month and I'm glad to have a tons of motivation at the moment . I compare february as a really colorful month and I'm not talking about the weather ,cuz the weather seriously sucks in Germany . It's the carnival month ,basically have to say that I'm not a really big fan of all this carnival stuff ,but I like seeing people getting dressed pretty funny  :)) I got inspired by Pastels , √©verything pastel pink,green,blue,yellow every pastel color looks so beautiful .
I decided to make this week as my 'pastel week' with my favorite pair of jeans . These black ripped jeans are my life and I don't know how ,but you can wear these to every piece of clothing you own (except dresses haha).So Ida and me picked out some cool outfits matching pastels with balck ripped jeans this week . Hope you'll like it:)

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