07 February, 2015

Take me to paris

                                                               Photo by Ida Schwarz

                   Paris sweater (similar)   //  Black ripped jeans   //  Bronx cut out boots

Oh yea Paris , one of the most beautiful cities in the world ,how I would love to be there right now. The last time I've been to paris was a long time ago and the only thing I remember was seeing a portrait of a woman so powerful ,but so delimited in a museum with so much history .The louvre museum was the best museum I've ever visited in my life and I have seen quit a lot differnt museums,basically in every museum is that one thing which makes my museum trip to a wonderful and successful day. In louvre it was definitely The Mona Lisa portrait I remember being so over excited about it haha .I need to wear this sweater when I'm in paris the next time :)

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