07 February, 2015

The pastel coat

                                                                 Photo by Ida Schwarz

      Pastel Pink Coat   //    White sweater     //   Black ripped jeans     //    Public desire Ankle Boots

 As I said Pastel is like my all black eveything ,instead of black it's pastel pink yeahhs. Do you know this one particular moment when you're shopping and you see the most beautiful piece of clothing and in your head it's like ; Yep this is going to be mine !!!! And that happend to me when I saw this amazing coat . I didn't think I just grabbed haha. The material is so soft and cozy and it just looks like cotton candy ,doesn't it ??  There are so many different types of pastel coats or jackets and every color looks gorgeous . My favorite is still mint or pastel green and I really like the contrast between the lighter part and the darker part of the outfit  it matches together, what a wonder haha ok no I'm just kidding ,but I'm quit sure this one is an amazing thing to wear.

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