24 April, 2015

non colored

                                                             Photo by Ida Schwarz

                 Adidas superstar sneaker    //      Cheap Monday jeans   //    Vila Cardigan via Edited
                                                   HM T-shirt               //             Max&co Glasses

Hello everyone ,
I'm currently in the Ukraine visiting my Grandparents and I'm really happy to be here for 2 weeks over spring break.
 But I actually want to talk about these Adidas Superstars ,because I mean I think everyone recognized that there's huge hype around them and like every second person on the street owns them haha (me either) . I bought these beautiful sneakers ( and they are really beautiful and cool I absolutely understand why people love them so hard ) but, I wanted these shoes almost in october and I honestly couldn't find any shop or online shop who is selling these. Then somewhen in december I finally found them and I was the luckiest girl ever ,because they were like sold out worldwide in my size ,but now they are in every store I see haha . What a shoe challenge .I'm still laughing about this.

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