29 March, 2015

Ready for summer? the New Triangl collection 2015

Oh ,Hello spring and hello spring break . You might have heard of a swimsuit company called triangl swimwear , if no you definitely missed something  out .These are neoprene bikinis which are structured with neon and different block colored mix colors , the neoprene makes the bikinis softer, spongier and stretchier,really comfortable. Today I want to show you their new bikini collection extra perfect for the hot spring season . The new bikinis have some amazing colorful colors whether pink,yellow or lots of neon tones which are one of my ever fave bikini collections .
I put all bikinis in a collage so you can better check them out on their online shop . My favorites are the lulu's triangled bikini ,because I really like and also prefer to lace my bikini so it can fit me even better and as I said the colors are just a dream . Each bikini comes with a neoprene bag -the color of the bag matches the color of the bottom , with contrast lining.
If you're at the beach or wherever you wear bikinis and want to look remarkably good I really recommend this collection . 
Colorful, super hot and gorgeous looking bikinis for this spring/summer season.
I'm so excited to get one , but can't choose which to take.
Let the bikini season begin I would say.☀️πŸŒŠπŸ‘™πŸ’›πŸŒžπŸŠ

Oh and by the way the names of the bikinis are just awesome well-designed and fun 

xo Milana

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  1. oooh these bikinis are gorgeous (as are the models in them). id love it if youd comment back xx