27 April, 2015

Boots and Flowers

                                                                   Photo by Ida Schwarz

           Vintage oversized Jeans Jacket (similar)   //   Asos shirt  //   Cheap Monday Jeans
                      Dr. Martens Boots     //    Rayban Sunglasses    //   Black shoulder bag (similar)

Hey Guys :)
After my little Coachella/boho obsession I decided to go back into grunge and a little bit more of the rock style thing , I still can’t go over Coachella outfits ,because they’re all perfect and yes as I said I’m totally obsessed haha . This Jeans Jacket is my absolut favorite find at the moment ,sadly I can’t tell where this Jacket is from ,because I found it in my parents wardrobe haha and I’m not sure if it was my mum’s or my dad’s jacket ,but I guess my dad’s ,cuz it’s a little too big and oversized ,which I think is amazing. Now I can say I have real vintage oversized jean jacket and It’s not a fake vintage from H&M or Topshop .Lately Men’s style and boyfriend cuts got really popular in the fashion scene and I got this super cool shirt from Asos with this 'Boyfriend cut‘ so It’s a little bigger and more oversize than a usual t-shirt and I had no idea how to shorten this up ,because it was really long and it kinda looked weird on me so I thought why not making it a little shorter and I did it and after that it perfectly fitted me and I didn’t look weird anymore :).

I hope everyone has a great day and happy holiday to all german readers :)

xo Milana 

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