02 April, 2015

turleneck luv

                 Grey turtleneck jumper (similar)     //    Zara black slip on   //  Urban Outfitters jeans
                                                               Marc by Marc Jacobs watch

I have to apologize , I’m wearing these jeans for about a thousand times . But the love will never stop, I could wear these mom jeans for a lifetime and I guess they’ll never get old .I went to shoot this outfit with my lovely aunt and honestly I have never thought the pictures will be looking that good ,but she definitely helped me a lot so a big thank you to my aunt <3<3 . This oversized jumper is currently my latest and most worn pick and I thought why not pairing it with my high waisted mom jeans ,my aunt told me that I look like a girl living my life at it’s fullest in year 1995 haha and I was happy about that ,because I tried to reach exactly that point , the 90’s are my all time favorite fashion experience even when I wasn’t even born (I just saw quit a lot of pictures haha) . Turtlenecks go forward !!!!
I finally got the chance to buy myself a new macbook which I wanted for a really long time ,actually only for editing videos and pictures for the blog and youtube ,and it’s the best thing for that .If you want you can check out my latest youtube video from Brazil ,which I finally edited haha. I will let the link here.enjoy:)

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