30 May, 2015

a day in Hamburg

     Asos Cape   //  Black flurry Pullover via Edited   //   Leather pants (similar)    //   Asos boots

Oh my goodness can we talk about Hamburg please ? Hamburg is such a beautiful city with so much power and amazing architecture .I loved taking pictures of buildings and people there.  Hamburg is honestly a really cool city with lots of cool stores (the vintage stores are amazing btw) and lovely sights of course . We visited the Hamburg Harbor and had a 1 hour harbor trip with a pretty funny tour guide ,he explained everything about the port and some facts about Hamburg, I enjoyed it with a cappuccino and a badass view.
I was totally in love with my outfit this day and I wore a cape the first time ( u should buy a cape, capes are cooler than anything else). My shoes were the worst ,although I love how they look . Those shoes completely burnt my foot and I had 4 blisters on 1 foot while I had like thousand plasters on it . That wasn't so cool , but whatever it happens haha . All in one I had an amazing time there and I miss so damn much .I'm excited to go back .


28 May, 2015

Rock 'N' Roll at the beach

    Zara leather jacket     //    Green oversized flannel   //   Cheap Monday jeans    //   Bronx Boots
                                                             //     Black bag (similar)    //

Making memories with friends is the best thing ever especially at the beach .It was a really cozy morning in Eckernförde at the baltic sea with my class. I wore my favorite pair of jeans from Cheap monday and a really soft leather jacket from Zara.Everyone had the chance to go fishing with a professional fishermen and I have never thought it would be such a great experience . I had so much fun taking pictures of everyone holding a fish or a starfish (me either) . Starfish are so cute and slippery. 
Later at the beach we did a huge photoshoot with everyone and it was a great chance to make memories ,unfortunately it was our last trip together as a class and I’m really sad about that. these were definitely the best 5 days I had with them haha:)


25 May, 2015

The Jeans


                                                                  Photo by Ida Schwarz

    Zara leather jacket       //      HM top    //    Asos hat    //    Hollister jeans    //      Black shopper

Good day everyone,
Those ripped Hollister jeans were my all time favorite jeans about 2 years ago and I wore them nearly everyday        until I lost them <— my jeans story haha.But I thankfully found them in my mum’s closet ( I have no idea why) and     decided to ripp them ,I guess I had this DIY phase were I ripped all my jeans haha, but I don’t know I think it doesn’t look even bad. Ripped jeans are the coolest .

xo Milana 


23 May, 2015

Tomboy forever

                                                                  Photo by Ida Schwarz

         Kenzo Jumper   //    HM leggings    //      Adidas Superstar    //       Mango Backpack (similar)

Today was an amazing and sunny day, I had so much fun shooting this outfit with my new Camera .
I'm so excited for the next posts to upload them on the blog with better photo quality and just more ''extras''. This Outfit is absolutely a must for people who are loving to wear comfortable stuff and be more sporty outside. I guess I'm kinda a tomboy haha ,but I just wanted to try out this style ,because I usually don't wear something like this and it was definitely great and comfy for sure.