14 June, 2015

Black and white in London town

                                                                   Photo by Ida Schwarz

        Zara Leatherjacket    //         Asos blouse    //           Asos Mom jeans      //       Asos Loafer

Hello everyone,
If you have read my recent posts you might know that I was in London shooting tons of Asos looks for the blog. This outfit is the last one and also shooted at my favorite location in Notting Hill . I totally fell in love with Notting Hill and I haven’t expect that it is so beautiful there. Well the Portobello market and road was full of people as always I guess so it was kinda challenging to take pictures without people in there haha:) but hopefully you still like the pictures and the outfits I picked up. I’m wearing a flowy white cropped blouse with overlays and my friend said I looked like a pirate with this one haha let’s hope not !! The jeans or better known as ' Mom Jeans‘ 
are as well asos and last but not least the loafers which really made my day even when they were little big and walking London was not that easy with them I still love how they look and how good the jeans look with them .. So one more time thank you asos for the amazing outfits !!!:) Loved being in London.

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