22 June, 2015

Checkered in blue

                                     Mango shirt   //    Superga sneaker    //     Asos Mom jeans

Summer please come back it’s the 21st June and its raining here :( 
It actually should be sunny today ,because it’s the official beginning of summer . I don’t really realize that it’s summer, I’ve waited for so long and now it’s here and I don’t get it .. 
Sadly I couldn’t go out to shoot the picture ,because the weather was just disgusting and I don’t wanted to wait longer.
My outfit is really casual no jewelry just a cropped plaid shirt from Mango and my favorite blue Mom jeans from Asos .
The Shoes are Superga and I got them last week for the Ariana Grande concert and I just fell in real love with them .I haven’t expect that they are going to be so good and comfortable I need to get some more in different colors.
My next post is going to be about my trip to cologne and the Ariana Grande concert and of course I did a video about this day you can check in out in a few days :).

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