11 June, 2015

Oxford and London

Photo by Ida Schwarz

This day was my first ever visit to Oxford city and the Oxford University. It was a really sunny and positiv day and we were so lucky having 20+ degrees .So basically I wasn’t sure if I should go to Oxford or not but at the end it was a pretty amazing trip and I had no regrets. I loved the architecture of all colleges and I think everyone else did it too.The funnies thing was definitely seeing the Oxford students walking out of they’re exams full of eggs and cream ,that was a highlight for me for sure.
After all the Oxford hype we finally made it to the London eye that I’ve wanted to visit since the last time I had been to London. The view was amazing !!!

I would say let’s talk about my beautiful Outfit completely from Asos . I wanna thank Asos so so so much for these amazing outfits and for letting me go beautiful through London. Thanks Asos!!
I’m wearing a dark mustered red romper with peeptoe shoes and at some points a leather jacket which is sadly not from Asos. 

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