01 July, 2015

Ariana Grande concert in Cologne

My friends and I were about 2 weeks ago in cologne at the Ariana Grande Honeymoon Tour 2015.
I was honestly so excited to listen to her voice you don’t believe . Her voice is incredible and honestly perfect ,she sings like an angel and also her voice sounds like that . I haven’t expected that she’s better live than normally on the CD’s .I really enjoyed being there and I’m thankful for this amazing day. 
Before we went to the Arena we decided to come some hours earlier to cologne to do a little sightseeing tour and have some meal at a cool restaurant. It was my first time being alone in cologne (with my friends) and cologne is such a beautiful city sadly that I live too far away from cologne I could stay longer.

We went to a delicious Burger House called ‘Hans im Glück’  translated ’Hans in luck’ and it was so good I had an Avocado burger with homemade fries and it was the best think ever.

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