30 July, 2015


              Brown Romper (similar)   //   Edited the label -Cardigan (similar)  //  Snake Espadrilles
                                              Marc Jacobs 'Petal to the Meta'- Natasha Flap bag

I'm not really a big shopaholic or a person who loves shopping so much that they could go shopping every day.I could get clothes everyday of course ,but I'm not the person who likes going into stores and trying everything on I really don't like that stuff haha. I guess a lot of people think that people who are doing something in fashion and working in the fashion industry love shopping and I guess most people do ,but I'm a really lazy person when it comes to go and get some shopping done.
I love and also prefer online shopping I mean what's better than lying in bed and shop clothes ? Nothing believe me haha:) But I had to take all my stuff together and do some real shopping so I did in beautiful Frankfurt where it's kind of a challenge to shop ,because of the amount of people ,but I think it's in every city the same thing. I'm wearing this beautiful romper which I own for almost 3 or 4 years I don't even remember for how long this romper thing is lying in my closet haha,but I grabbed it out and now vĂ²ila it's here .
Is it just me or why am I too shy to go in a luxury store haha I feel so uncomfortable walking around these stores and I don't even like watching at them because I think the weird people in the store are watching me hahaha... I know I'm talking a lot of weird stuff haha.
But I went there and took some photos I mean who cares what they think right ?!!.

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