04 July, 2015


                                                                      Photo by Ida Schwarz

     Edited the label - Cardigan (similar)   //     Urban Outfitters -Black Crop top  //    Asos Mom Jeans
                                                                           Snake Espadrilles

Summer boomed in like crazy and I luv it.I think whole Europe is celebrating the beginning of summer. I'm currently everyday outside working on my tan haha. This outfit is definitely not wearable in 35° degrees and I also not recommend wearing anything black !! At the moment I love wearing WHITE .. It's still really hot but better than black . But let's talk about this outfit ..this Asos jeans is my absolute favorite thing at the moment I hope you've seen these in my last post from London  if not you can check it out . This cute little black Bralet is from urban outfitters and I own it almost a year and this is my first time wearing it haha it always needs time :))) 

Ps. The roses are amazing here 

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