27 August, 2015

Flowery in Kiev

                  H&M top   //   Asos Mom jeans   //   Ray Ban Sunglasses   //  Zebra print shoes

Home is where the heart is! Right??
I’ve spent the last few weeks in Kiev, Ukraine with my friends and some of my family members. It was such an amazing month and I already miss everyone there.I have met so many amazing people this time that I don’t even wanted to go home haha ,but now I’m home and can focus on the blog more. Haven’t posted here in so long, but not having Wifi and just living with cellular on is a pretty hard thing if you always want to be active on the internet. I’m back in Germany for a week until I’m going to have the chance to travel to Milan and explore the city. If you have any restaurant or shop recommendation please leave on the comments.Thanks you.. 

I found this ultra cool bike in my Grandma’s garage and thought why not exploring the city and take some cool snaps while driving and enjoying life, so my friend and I took our bikes and started driving for hours in the pouring heat taking pictures on some funny stairs haha.

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  1. Great photos, they are simple but very beautiful at the time. Thank you for sharing. I've been in Kiev several times. Firts time with this guys, because I don't really know where to go and stay. And second time by myself. It is wonderful city.