03 August, 2015


    Forever 21 Flannel   //   Zara Slip on's   //   Mango leather shorts   //  Rayban Round Sunglasses

Second shopping day of the week haha ,I should stop!!! But this time my Mum and I went to Wiesbaden. Wiesbaden is the capital of Hessen and it’s a really beautiful city with some cool shops.
Today I wore leather shorts for my very first time although I own those for almost a year or longer.I couldn’t find them for such a long time,but I’m happy to have them now ,they are definitely going to be in my travel luggage this Sunday. I’m flying back to Kiev and that’s also why I went shopping so often this week ,a whole month of traveling in front of me and I had nothing to wear (as always haha) . The flannel shirt is from Forever 21 that I bought in Dubai in 2014 I actually wanted to give it away ,but in the last second I decided to wear it again ,so I thought why not with the leather shorts It’s kind of cute and a really nice street style look. 
Oh and another good news I don’t just bought clothes today I also got a Kitten named Sirius haha yep Sirius. Sirius is a Siam cat and I named him after Sirius Black from Harry Potter.I’ll show you some pictures of him in the next posts ;)

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