20 September, 2015

Back in Black

Photo by Ida Schwarz
Asos Girlfriend Jeans Jacket   //    Ripped Jeans    //   HM Sweater    //   Sunglasses  //   Asos Boots

Still sad that summer is over! But I'm kinda excited for fall because fall is my second favorite season and I honestly couldn't live without the pumpkin spice latte and a delicious self made pumpkin soup. As everyone knows, fall is not the sunniest and brightest season, that's why I decided to match my outfit with the weather . All  black with one of my favorite hm sweater, I almost own for years and it's still amazing . A couple days ago I was looking for a jacket that is perfect for the season and it shouldn't be too hot and not too cold in it. Jeans jacket are going to be forever my favorites. This is an Asos girlfriend jacket which is clearly oversized even if it's the smallest size. It's really comfortable and I feel like a true 90's bae. So it's a perfect piece for me. Thx Asos ❤️

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