08 September, 2015

Expo Milano 2015

                Levis shorts   //   Mango Shirt   //    Zebra Sandals (similar)    //    Black shoulder 

The last day here in Milan we decided to go to Expo and check this out. For those who don’t know what expo is, it is a huge exhibition were country’s have their own Pavillon and they are showing
something about their own country. It’s from the 1.May to 31.Oktober in Milano, but I don’t recommend going on a Saturday or Sunday because the queue will be endlessly and you’ll wait 2 h to see one Pavillon. I went to a plenty small pavillons for example: Ghana,Kenya,Yemen and Bahrain <- It was really interesting.
Bigger Pavillons I visited were : Brasil,Malaysia,Russia,Germany,Belarus,Moldova and USA .
Waited for these a little time,but it was worth seeing these beautiful cultures. For my outfit I choose something comfortable for the long day at expo. I mean you have to stand and walk all the time.

Check Expo here

Milana x

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