30 October, 2015

Elephant adventure

I think this day was the most magical and fanstastic day in my whole life. I can't even describe it in words how amazing the world and nature is. I got the chance to swim and hang out with elephants a few hours. For this trip we had to drive about 6 h from Pattaya to Koh Chang ( the elephant island) and there it happend, this feeling is unbelieveable and I swear I still get goosebums when I'm talking about it. A wonderful day for sure. My elephant was called Boonya and she was a little bit older, but really energetic and playful. She got me like whoaaa!!
For me are elephants the most fascinating and beautiful animals in the world .

For this day I have worn my new lovely jumpsuit I got a few weeks ago in Verona plus the most beautiful necklace with of course an elephant on it ( I did it for extra haha).
For my shoes I wore the same as I wear my whole trip through some comfortable and easy to take off slips

I was wearing:

Brandy Melville romper

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