30 October, 2015

relaxed day

  After a lot of walking and exploring Thailand and Cambodia we finally arrived back to the Hotel in Pattya. To be honest this absoulte beautiful crochet blouse from HM is not made for extreme summers, but I thought this look without this is not a look, right??? ( I took it off after we were done taking photos haha ).I'm not a person for relaxing by the pool or by beach weeks through. I love exploring and discovering new places, so sometimes it contains a lot lot of walking, but thankfully I am obsessed doing it and I could do it more often, not everyday or someting just more often :)

Oh and by the way this crochet blouse and shorts are on sale now !!

I was wearing :

Crochet blouse
Bershka necholder top
Asos shorts

x Milana

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