01 December, 2015

Black X White

My first post back in Germany :)). And I would rather be at the beach, but no school’s calling :( 
For todays look I choose this beautiful oversized poncho with my white mom jeans and the adidas superstars. This look was inspired by my friend who also took the pictures with me. She wore a similar look in London and now I’m showing you this look here. I hope you like it it’s one of my favorite fall looks. Here is my first attempt to layer my outfits. I kinda fell in love with layers and oversized sweaters and winter is coming so much closer (or is even here already) but I still have some fall inspired looks left to show you. I basically came a little later than usually because of the amount of Thailand posts I had. I apologize for that, but I hope you liked them :)

Photo by Ida Schwarz

I was wearing 

Milana xx

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