29 November, 2015


Sometimes I feel like a different person when I’m at the beach and having the sun shining on me. I’m such a day person and such a sun lover, you don’t believe. When I see the sun lighting up I’m always getting so happy and in a better mood. The sun makes my live worth living! I’m in Germany at the moment and it’s slowly getting colder and colder outside. To be honest I don’t really enjoy the winter season (except of christmas), but november to march are the months I absolutely don’t like and seeing these pictures makes me even more miss the warm sun and this beautiful beach.
But I should talk more about what I’m wearing, right?. This dress is literally the heaviest dress I have ever worn and I call it the 'curtains dress' because it just reminds me of a curtain hahaha. I thankfully found this laced belt so it doesn’t look like a real curtain.
We shot those pictures on Koh Chang and it was just awesome. Taking photos at the beach is my absolut favorite thing and I had so much fun.
Most of the time I was barefoot so I don’t have any shoes to show you haha (u know tried to be that cool lagoon girl in the middle of nowhere).

I was wearing 

Asks Reclaimed Vintage Off the Shoulder dress

Photo by Wladimir Scepik   (

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