30 December, 2015

Christmas eve ready ❥♥


Hello everyone,
I hope you liked my last christmas post ( it’s directly under this post if you haven’t seen it already .)
As you all know the crazy shopping before christmas is for everyone a challenge, for me too!!. My friend Ida and I went to the city to buy presents and some new outfits for NYE because we are going to spent New year’s Eve together. After some crazy shopping days in Paris I still haven’t had all presents together and I was sooo nervous and exciting that I won’t have all presents on Christmas Eve, but thankfully I had and I was the happiest. 
I think a present is something individual you can buy everything you want and I guess when it’s something interesting everyone could love it. I like getting present which are unsuspected and It’s really a present I didn’t know about. But for me giving presents is still the most beautiful moment. 
My outfit is pretty casual and also really warm and comfortable (which is nice when it’s freezing cold outside). My sweater is the most comfiest thing ever, you can put your hair in the turtle neck and rock the winter season haha :) (just saying). No, but this look is a wonderful shopping look you can walk around the city all day without getting injuries on your feet because comfy sneaker are always the solution. Next favorite thing is this bershka parker and to be honest I have never really liked parkers at all, I just know that everyone owns one and I never wanted to have a parker especially in dark green. But…
Let me just say this ´brown’ colored jacket is the result for everything. 
It’s so warm keeping, comfortable and fashionable, I just couldn’t.
This Jacket is not mine ( it’s my friends jacket, but I wanted to have a post with this jacket because I’m so in love with it haha.)
I also should get me a jacket like this.

I was wearing 

Photo by Ida Schwarz

xx Milana 

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