10 December, 2015

Winter in Levis

Hello everyone,
It’s getting colder and colder outside and I guess I have to deal with it that it’s now winter. For some reason I’m not a winter lover,but one thing is absolutely amazing about winter and those cold temperatures… 
Let me just say it : Everywhere you go you’re cuddled in a huge winter jacket, coat or parker . I love seeing people wearing coats or winter jackets ,It’s just so beautiful.

For this look I was wearing a vintage Levis jacket which is obviously oversized and yep I’m just in love. This is basically the warmest jacket I’ve ever owned in my entire life. I’ve been in love with jeans jacket the whole year through and in winter I won’t stop haha just continuing the jean jacket obsession.
Underneath the jacket I wore a comfy and cuddly knit pullover and my old, but beloved american eagle pants.
We’ve shot those pictures in one of my favorite cities, the city is called Wiesbaden it’s a really old city, which is really beautiful and also historical. During christmas time Wiesbaden gets in a total different atmosphere, everything is kind and warm and when you look in a shop you’ll see a lot of old and retro christmas decoration.

Hope you liked this look :)

I was wearing

Photo by Ida Schwarz

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