12 January, 2016

Grey January

I think my love to coats will never stop. I’m obsessed with wearing coats in winter especially when it’s not too cold and a coat can keep you warm. To be honest I don’t know where I got this coat from because it’s an older one which also my mum wore a couple years ago. But I can say that this coat is perfect for a weather like this = Grey, Rainy and everything bad haha and January of course. January is one of the months I absolutely don’t like (including February) I don’t know ,but the weather here in Germany is bad and the holidays are over and January makes me feel moody all day. With the coat I decided to wear a yellow kinda mustard colored long sleeved shirt with a pair of basic black jeans and my usual chelsea boots. I think this look is a perfect January look it’s not really colorful, but the shirt puts a little color to the complete outfit.

I was wearing 
Asos Boots
Ripped Jeans
Black and White Coat
Black Scarf
Marc Jacobs Bag

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