04 February, 2016

Coat X Sneaker

I think the combination sneakers with coats has a place in every bloggers heart. And me as well !!.
Here, I am wearing my super chic coat which is also cool and elegant in a same way, with it some super cool and casual white nike sneakers. Definitely one of my favorite combinations:)
As you reading this I’m on my way to AUSTRIA better said KITZBÜHEL and I’m so so excited and I can’t wait taking pictures of this beautiful city. Of course I’m not there because of only taking pictures, I’m there to SKI and try out some new tricks or so haha:) (I’m not the best skier, to be honest :) but I try my best. 
This is my first time staying in Austria for a couple more days because usually when I’m in Austria I’m just driving through to Italy or so, but this time FINALLY.
Hope you like this look. !


I was wearing 

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