08 February, 2016

Layers and Snow || KITZBÜHEL

Hello beautiful Kitzbühel :)
I just spent 4 days in Kitzbühel and it’s just so magical here. But first I want to talk about my first look from Kitzbühel. I think layering is one of my favorite styles ever!! ,but it’s still a challenge sometimes to find something match to layer. Some people are kings in layering and then theres me haha I’m still learning :) For such a winter like here in Austria it’s important to wear waterproof shoes or you’ll have wet and frozen feet. Those are some pretty big boots extra made for the snow and extremely warm keeping, which is awesome. Then with it I paired some basic blue jeans and my older Zara coat. 
So now I can talk about my super exciting days here in Austria. I’m actually here to ski and we heard that Kitzbühel has some super cool slopes, so we spontaneously decided to do a ski holiday. The good thing is that my best friend came with me because she is a pro in skiing and yep I've learned a lot. It’s my first time going on  real and risky slopes , but I guess I did a good job for the first time in my life. I’m so happy that I got to do this and I had so much fun skiing the second and third day because day one was the learning day and I literally fell down every 10 meters haha :)

xo Milana

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Photo: Ida Schwarz

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