27 March, 2016


Happy easter y’all :)
I hope you all have an amazing easter holiday! I celebrated easter with my family at my Grandparents house. We had lots of food and it was just great being in a good company. 
For todays look I had a pretty simple, but still kind a artsy look. I love pictures which look a bit vintage and are in front of a basic colored wall. I just grabbed my cousins skateboard, some slip on’s and not to forget the comfiest jeans ever and went off to a white wall haha. As I said my Mom jeans from Urban Outfitters are the most comfortable jeans I have ever owned and I love wearing them to everything basic like the white neck shirt here.
For a little special addition I put on the MiuMiu sunnies as the sun came out for some hours.

xx Milana 

   I was wearing 


23 March, 2016

Beginning of SPRING

Wow spring just came in a few days ago and the weather completely changed. It’s much warmer outside and super sunny for mid march. I was so excited for spring break and to finally wear sneakers outside, but ( the great but) I got sick :((( I think the half of the week I couldn’t go outside because my throat was burning like crazy. I still cough a little, but I thankfully don’t feel any pain. So as I said I was exciting to finally wear sneakers outside and no more boots (even tho I love boots so much) It was definitely time. I have worn for this look my baby blue ASOS jeans with the softest t-shirt in the whole world from Pull and Bear. Let me just tell you something ,if your looking for some cool and soft shirts I really recommend you Pull and Bear!! Their shirts are literally the most cuddly ever. In addition I put on some of my older stuff like this Jacket I already have 4 years and my beloved Superga sneaks.
And I just wanted to say sorry for not being so activ lately, but I had so many exams and tests last week that I couldn't post any outfits :( But finally holidays are here, I will try to post moreeee :)

xx Milana






 Photo by Ida Schwarz


11 March, 2016

Suede alert 🎈 spring inspired

Since the beginning of March the spring season is coming closer and closer and I can't wait until winter is completely over. I got inspired by a lot things this month and one of them is  SUEDE  styles. I mean how beautiful are those wildleather jackets or skirts. I prefer the imitate wildleather and I'm already planning something for spring. (And yep suede of course ❤️❤️❤️)



Paris Fashion Week 2016 F/W 16/17


05 March, 2016