10 April, 2016


Ciao guys,
Finally our Italian friends came to visit us in Germany- I was so so excited for the upcoming week and honestly I couldn’t stop planning more. I think it’s really cool to show a foreigner your own culture and country. Everyday was a new adventure and over the weekend we decided to visit beautiful cologne. Or how they call it in italian ‚Colonia'. I kind a think Colonia sounds way much better than in german or english haha. I love cologne and especially the beautiful cathedral from outside and inside (if you ever going to be in cologne, I recommend to go up and in. It’s definitely worth it.)
Thankfully the weather was sunny, so I had the opportunity to wear something less warm and go with something more flowy. I’ve got some brown Jeans from Pieces and a t-shirt with lots of italian words on it, in addition I put on this flowy  „cape“ form Bershka. 
Visiting new cities is always so much fun, especially with good friends!! Even though I have been to cologne a quit few times I have never really enjoyed it as much as I did now. Germany is so much more beautiful, when the weather is good. And I could happily return to cologne just for sitting at the rhine river and watching the sun set.

  I was wearing 


  Photo by Paula Clemens

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