01 April, 2016

Tropics in April

Ohh April… 
Here we are! The 4th month started now and I feel like the time is just flying and flying. I'm sure new years eve was just a couple weeks ago haha. I spent the first day of April in beautiful Frankfurt. My friend Paula and I went to do something for school and of course for some shopping. I didn’t really find something in the stores, but thanks god I got new headphones. I lost mine in Austria almost 2 months ago and I’m so happy to be able again to listen to music outside. It was for sure the most boring bus and train rides the past 2 months.
If you're wondering I got the basic apple EarPods.

For my outfit I decided to wear something more interesting. I found this big blue sweater in my house and It’s obviously my dad’s sweater ( so thanks dad haha), but I love big sweaters and I thought this color would perfectly match my black ASOS Mom-Jeans. Those jeans are epic for me. I mean this hole is so big that I kinda started liking it, and yea it happened accidentally that it got ripped so much. 
You know I actually found a jeans on which looked exactly like this one I’m wearing and I wanted this pair of jeans so much, but sadly it was sold out. I found a similar pair, but of course it wasn’t the same :( 
And now I accidentally ripped my normal jeans to some dream jeans haha :)^

Big Thanks to my friend Paula for making those beautiful pictures, even tho it was her very first time working with me and working with all my equipment. Big Thanks :)

x Milana


Photo by Paula Clemens

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